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Salem Oregon poet Steven Robert Heine has created this site to celebrate Oregon poets and poetry. The domain name has been preserved to help Oregon poets find information and links relating to poetry. We hope you will enjoy it!

"Dear readers: I hope you will find 2016 a productive year for your own writing and creativity. If you are a poet, please enter the Oregon State Fair Poetry contest as well as support your Oregon county fair poetry contest. Your county will also appreciate if you volunteer to set up poetry or even judge. County Fairs also love sponsors. I have sponsored several county fair poetry contests and have judged poetry for more than 20 years. The fairs are a great way to have your poetry seen and read by hundreds of people!

Although i have had the good fortune to cross the United States some 30 times by car, bus and plane, my traveling days are pretty much over. A fall in 2011 left me severely crippled for life and in a great deal of pain. I seldom complain because I know so many people whose lives have taken an even worse turn of events! I also know many people who have lost their lives. That being said, I hope to continue to write and develop websites like this. I hope you will help me by 1) supporting this site, 2) supporting the Oregon State Fair poetry contest and your county fair poetry contest. I also hope you will consider publishing a book of your own poetry. Your 1st edition poetry books will make great gifts for family and friends. Many printers will give you a free estimate.  Steven Robert Heine.

List of books by Steven Robert Heine:

  1. A Winter's Harvest. Poetry.

  2. Autumn Magic. Poetry.

  3. Spring Rain. Poetry.

  4. Of Summer's Lost. Poetry.

  5. A Secret Season. Poetry.

  6. Beyond the Frontier. Poetry collected works.

  7. The Carpenter. Poetry.

  8. A History of the Oregon State Fair. History.

  9. Adventures in Oregon. The 2009 auto-biography.

  10. Angel & Sometims I Smile. Poetry.

  11. A History of Saint Vincent's Parish and School. History.

  12. Seven Keys to Better Health. Health.

Many of these books are available on EBay and Amazon. Steven Robert Heine autographed 1st editions have become very collectable.

P.S My favorite author is Mark Twain and my favorite book is 'The Autobiography of Mark Twain'. I never laughed so loud reading a book. I warmly recommend it." SRH.

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Sites for Oregon Poets.

Oregon State Fair Poetry Contest -

Enter the annual poetry contest at the Oregon State Fair. Rules printed on this link, usually available after May.

Please also enter and support your county fair poetry contest. If you county fair does not have a contest, offer to start one. You might write rules, judge or find judges and help display the entries. Use the State Fair poetry contest rules as a model.

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Mark Twain House
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"Read the bible every day. It will prepare you for the journey." SRH.

Writing is a solitary art but you would be surprised how much energy you can find in the company of other writers and poets. We hope you will consider joining or at least contacting one of the fine groups above.


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Seven Keys to Better Health. Find the book on AMAZON.

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Favorite Bible Quotes:

"For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son that whoever believes in Him will not perish but will have eternal life".
John 3:16

"For God did not send His son into the world to condemn the world but that the world through Him might be saved." John 3:17

"Whoever calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved." Romans 10:13

"Faith comes by hearing and hearing from the word of God." Romans 10:17

" Most assuradly, I say to you, he who hears My word and believes in Him who send Me has everlasting life, and shall not come into judgment, but has passed from death into life." John 5:24

"Whereas you do not know what will happen tomorrow, for what is your life?  It is even a vapor that appears for a time and then vanishes away." James 4:14

Proverbs 8:17 I love them that love Me; and those that seek me early shall find Me.

"Read the bible every day. It will prepare you for the journey." SRH.


Steven Robert Heine

Steven Robert Heine is one of America's most original poets. His poetry has been taught in many schools in the United States and around the World! His contributions to American poetry have included pioneering ways to put on poetry contests for State & County Fairs. He has also created websites (like this one) for states from coast to coast. A Salem, Oregon poet, Heine has crossed the United States more than 30 times, visiting nearly every state in his travels. A number of festivals and fairs in the United States now give a 'Steven Robert Heine award' for poetry.

In 1978 he became the first author to appear at the Oregon State Fair when he rented a table in a commercial area to sell  his books. There at the age of 23 he wheeled a rusty wheel borrow full of poetry books to sell at the State Fair. Today, he continues to wear the title of 'The First Author of the Oregon State Fair'. He sold his poetry books at the Oregon State Fair from 1978-1981, a time and then he also appeared on stage four times. Inspired by the success, Heine launched the Oregon Literary Council which brought many literary groups into a single entity. With that 'The Oregon Author's Festival' was born in 1985. (The Festival and Council died deeply in debt only one year later. Just before the 1986 Oregon Author's Festival, Heine suffered a severe back injury. The Festival went on but was ended after the second year).

In 1988 Steven Robert Heine had an idea to bring a poetry contest to the Oregon State Fair. The poetry contest was such a success that it has been modeled at State and county fairs throughout the Northwest and around the World. Heine himself wrote a nationally published article in 2000 on 'How to set up poetry contests at fairs'. In the last decades several State and county fairs have given out the 'Steven Robert Heine Award' for poetry. Heine continues, when asked to serve as a poetry judge for fairs.

In 2007 Steven Robert Heine published 'A HISTORY OF THE OREGON STATE FAIR'. Heine had been trained as a historian while attending Portland State University. The book became the 1st of two history books Heine would write. The other was 'A HISTORY OF SAINT VINCENT'S PARISH & SCHOOL 2015'.

In 2009 while appearing at the Oregon Author's Table at the Oregon State Fair, Steven Robert Heine, together another Northwest author, brought Oregon authors and poets on stage at the Oregon State Fair. To date he has produced more than 60 live author shows for the Fair. Including shows that had some light comedy routines.

In 2011 while working on his second history book, Steven Robert Heine suffered a fall that left him crippled for life. Today, after several major surgeries and months in rehabilitation, Heine continues to write but remains in serious pain and is barely able to walk. Still in 2015 he was able to complete two new books: A HISTORY OF SAINT VINCENTS PARISH AND SCHOOL and SEVEN KEYS TO BETTER HEALTH, a health book, now available through Amazon.

BREAKING NEWS: After six major surgeries and six hospitalizations in recent years, the Oregon Retirement System is taking action to make major cuts in the small monthly pension of disabled poet and author Steven Robert Heine. Your donations below can help him keep writing and keep his work alive!

PLEASE CONSIDER DONATING - It will help this disabled Poet continue his work & touch lives! We also hope donations will help us develop this site as a resource for ALL poets.

Steven Robert Heine has created this site as a public service to the people and poets of America and World as he continues to promote poetry and health issues. He was badly crippled in a fall in 2011 and today lives in a great deal of pain. He is barely able to walk. It takes considerable effort for him just to walk in the next room or get the mail. Still there are books he has not yet written and lives that need to be touched. The story of Steven Robert Heine is a story of incredible courage that you can be part of. If you would like to directly donate to support the work of this amazing author, PLEASE DONATE BELOW. And thank you in advance!

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Most books by Steven Robert Heine are available from sellers on Amazon and E Bay. Please search by 'Steven Robert Heine'. And thank you! 

If you like KINDLE BOOKS, many titles by Steven Robert Heine are available on Kindle books, including his 2009 auto-biography and his 'best collection of Romantic Poems.'   

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How to set up Poetry contests at State & County Fairs:

1. Require all entries to be matted. No wood, glass or metal. (You especially do not want entries framed in glass). Metal and wood frames can be heavy and hard to display. Adult poems can be 4 to 32 lines. Also require a font size that can easily be read. Obviously an 8 or 10 font is not a good choice for poetry that is to be displayed. Make it easy for the reader to read the poem from a distance of a foot or more..

2. Keep classes of poetry simple! State Fair & county fair poetry contests are for hobbyists. (If you know a 'professional poet' tip you hat to them). Here are some suggestions for classes. Use all or some: children's poetry, teen poetry, adult rhyme, adult free verse, short poem (2-8 lines), fair theme. If you get into advanced poetry forms you may have to judge entries according to if the poet followed that form precisely. KEEP CLASSES SIMPLE!

TIPS FOR WINNING FAIR POETRY CONTESTS: 1) Consider your reader. (Your reader is a fair goer looking to have an enjoyable day). Whatever the topic, leave the reader feeling good or at least in some way enriched. 2) Project a clear chain of thought in your poem. If you get lost in the poem, your reader and the judge will get lost also. 3) Make your poem in some way and experience, whatever the topic. 4) PLEASE use a large enough font! Your readers are standing a foot or two away reading your poem on a wall. A tiny font is not very readable. 5) ALWAYS matt your poem! 6) Make your poem visually attractive to the public. Fairs are visual. 7) Encourage children and teans to enter and particicpate. Steven Robert Heine
































Medal of Laughter

If I've made you happy then I've won
a victory over sorrow done.
If knowing me has made you laugh,
then raise a toast in my behalf.

Everything that I could do
to make your load lighter for you...
I did enthusiastically,
that fondly you'd remember me.

Hard Times

The recession ruined
my uncle Nerp.
He walks with his back
sadly bent.
He invested a fortune
in a cologne company
and today
he hasn't a scent.


You were first to fill my glass
sparkling love you freely shared.
Thousands passed my wretched way
but none till you reached down and cared.


All my life
all my emotions
have come rushing at me
like vast swirling oceans.

A View

In a world of negativism
the most that any man can ask from life
is to have the opportunity
to have a positive impact 
on the lives of other people.


To ladies that
I hardly knew
and those I never met
You'd have found in me
a gentle friend
and had some fun, I bet!


Look far away
for a little while
and tell me the dreams
that you see.

From the fountain of love
that flows from your heart
great things
will soon come to be.

Mountain Man

Tis in the mountains
that my heart is.
And there that it roams free.
Green forests remain forever
An intimate part of me.

Words of Wisdom

'Never trust an expert''
read the words on a child's shirt.
For if he really knew what he was talking about

Sometimes I Smile

Sometimes I smile
as I dream in bed
of roads behind
and roads ahead.

The road led south to San Francisco
but six hundred miles was not too far...
To find your smile in the beckoning Twilight
and discover how beautiful you are.

Kansas Plain
The Kansas plain must taste the rain,
that falls from parting eyes.
We were merely passing travelers then
beneath the cloud swept skies.

But somewhere in the weary miles
aboard and east bound bus...
we found somehow a sense of joy
that left its mark on us.

The lonely hours forgotten
we talked awhile and then...
I held her close and kissed her lips
and tasted love again.

But moments come and moments fade
and roads turn different ways.
Still the Kansas plain left an emptiness
that lingers on for days.

 Oh Lady
My heart is swelling, full of love
and I fear that I might burst,
for you've swept away the lonely years
and kindly quenched my thirst.

  Key West
It was in the summer
that I journeyed to the mecca,
of men of words immortal
like Hemingway and Frost.

Determinedly religious
I left by bus one morning,
to trace their tide washed footsteps
no matter what it cost.

I hoped to find their spirit
where once had roamed their shadows.
To dream I walked among them
though vain my dream might be.

A peasant in the temple
possessed by great ambitions,
my heart poured forth its secrets
to the sand dunes and the sea.

 Oh Lady
My heart is swelling, full of love
and I fear that I might burst,
for you've swept away the lonely years
and kindly quenched my thirst.

 Michigan Welcome
The world it seems
has slipped into its dreams,
weary travelers snooze into the hours.

While the Michigan landscape
burst forth in its welcome
with green trees and bright roadside flowers.

Now and then they awaken
glancing sleepily outward
their eyes absorbing the land.

And the bus rolls onward
to new cities westward
through a richness they can't understand.

Life itself is poetry!
I merely wait for the words
to grow clear to me.

 In D.C.
I saw a leaf blowing in the autumn wind
and I thought 'too bad for that old tree'.
And then I looked at the leaf again
and realized it was me!

Now on Kindle books: 'A Wedding Poem and
100 best loved Romantic Poems'
by Steven Robert Heine.

Also on Kindle books:
'Adventures in Oregon', the light hearted
2009 auto-biography of Steven Robert Heine.

'Angel & Sometimes I Smile' the lost poetry books of
of Steven Robert Heine. On Kindle books.

'Seven Keys to Better Health'
by Steven Robert Heine, now on Amazon.


© 2016 Steven Robert Heine.